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Comms room airconditioning


For most companies comms rooms are the epi-centre of their business. Whether a small cupboard with a single rack or a huge, restricted access room complete with leak detection and high temperature audible alarm, these noisy and often hot rooms are critical to the smooth running of the business.

Keeping these comms racks at a constant, cool temperature can increase server speeds and allow more efficiency in the work place. Without a cooling system in place a company can leave the entire running of its business in the hands of the British weather – unpredictable and unreliable to say the least!

Cooling solutions for these rooms can be extremely simple and straight forward – and, of course, cost effective. Systems can be supplied and installed with minimal fuss and no disruption to the day to day running of the business.

Operating costs are no longer an issue due to modern Inverter technology – these inverter driven systems will work at low, half or full load depending on the cooling duty needed. Which means once the room temperature is under control the cooling system will only need be working as hard as is necessary to maintain the temperature, along with the business’ servers which will be benefiting from a cool environment.

All in all the need for comms rooms air conditioning is now seen, rightly so, as an essential make up of any business.

  • Cost effective, reliable and straight forward.....

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